Should I get a second dog?

Should I get a second dog?

This is a question I get a lot on @yorkieheaven on Instagram.  

Two dogs are more love, more fun, and lots more poop than one! ;)

I can say that my two female Yorkies love each other like sisters not like best friends.  Their relationship is with me first and then each other second. I find that they always have an eye on each other to make sure they are receiving an equal amount of love from me.  They do care for one another and I tell they’re concerned when one gets hurt, and curious when one may get a solo trip. 

I had a Yorkie, Millie, who should have been an only child.  When I got her sister, Nelly, I could tell she held a grudge against me - our relationship changed a bit.  She would always side-eye me when Nelly was being bad or taking up space in their shared bag, she’d look at me with these eyes that said: “see if she wasn’t around this would be way easier!” 

The ease of one dog vs. two is also something to be desired.  With one small dog, you can easily hide them in your purse or bag when going shopping or out to eat.  Bike riding with one dog in the bike dog basket is much safer then two little pups moving around the basket in every which way. 

Things to ask yourself before getting a second dog:

  1. Cost - Can you afford a second dog?  Vet bills, pet insurance, food, travel cost (pet boarding, and fees for pet travel) all double.
  2. Lifestyle - Do you currently bike with your dog or put your dog in a backpack?  If so, with two pups that are no longer as easy.  
  3. Travel - Do you currently take your single dog everywhere?  With two it is no longer easy to quickly throw your pup in a bag and go...where's the second one going to fit :)
  4. Energy - I thought getting a second dog would allow me to not have to entertain my first dog as much...I was wrong.  I found I was throwing twice as many toys and handing out twice as many treats.  Do you have the energy to keep up?
  5. Love - Are you able to handle twice as much love, and kisses from two fur babies?!?!? Ha, of course, you can!

I love both my pups and hope my honesty about being a dog mom of two will help you guide you toward your decision on whether or not to welcome a new pup into your life.



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